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Angie KINVIG ( nee KNEEN ) 1999


I would gratefully like to thank Ray Hedberg for the assistance and supply of additional information regarding my research.

(+) William Kinvig m data unknown, had following son:

(+) John(Jon) Kinvig(Kenvigg) birth data unknow m Elizabeth (Bessie Cubbon), they had following son:

(+) John Kinvig (Kenvigg) m Alice Quayle 1685 Arboury Parish, they had following son:

(+) William Kinvig (Kenvigg/Kinvigg) died 1712 m Catherine Costin 1711, they had following son:

(+) John Kinvig(Kinvigg) b 1711 d 1781 m Joney Corrin 27 Aug/Sept 1730, they had following son:

(+) John Kinvig m Elinor Corrin 10 Feb 1770, they had the following son:

Richard Kinvig m Elinor Cooil 15 Mar 1806 Arbory, they had the following children:

Thomas Kinvig 16 Mar 1806 m Margaret Karran/Corrin 4 Jun 1831

John Kinvig 01 Jan 1808 m Elizabeth Croghan 26 Sep 1830

Eleanor Kinvig 14 Jan 1810

William Kinvig 12 Apr 1812 m Isabel Cannell (+) 19 Dec 1840. They had the following children:

John Kinvig 4 Apr 1840 m Elizabeth Bridson 13 Apr 1843, Malew 9 Aug 1870, had the following children:

Esther Isabella Kinvig 29 Jan 1871, never married but had two children:

Reginald Victor Kinvig 21 Feb 1895

Wilford Kinvig 6 Oct 1896. Wilford's grand daughter is:

Marilyn Kinvig, Address: Private data.

 Richard Kinvig 21 Aug 1814 m Elizabeth Moore 31 Aug 1837

Margaret Kinvig 14 Jun 1818

Elizabeth Kinvig 19 May 1821 m Solomon Mylchreest 11 Nov 1843

James Kinvig 4 Jun 1824 m Elizabeth Kinnan (+) 27 Oct 1849

Richard Kinvig married Elizabeth Moore 31 Aug 1837 Arbory, they had the following children:

John Kinvig 17 Jun 1838

Thomas Kinvig 19 Aug 1839

Eleanor Kinvig 09 May 1841

Elizabeth Jane Kinvig 21 Mar 1843

John Kinvig 16 Feb 1845

 Richard Kinvig 20 Dec 1846 m Alice Lauder December 7th 1877, Selkirk Scotland

Anne Kinvig 22 Jul 1849

William Kinvig 09 Apr 1852

James Kinvig 24 Dec 1854 m Elizabeth Cannell 20 Feb 187

Richard Kinvig married Alice Lauder 7 Dec 1877, Selkirk Scotland, they had the following children:

George Kinvig - Bachelor

John Kinvig - Bachelor

Frank Kinvig m Isabella Robertson 21 Feb 1917, Rathio, Scotland, they had the following children:

Richard Kinvig 2 May 1922 m ??, they had the following children:

David Kinvig, dob ??

Patrica Kinvig, dob ??

Alice Kinvig, dob??

Rena Kinvig, dob??

Jean Kinvig m James Gibb

Annie Kinvig m Peter Cook

William Kinvig born 28 May 1895 died 1917 Battle of the Somme WWI, buried in Thiepvale, France ( see additional information section below)

James Kinvig 1897 m Grace Thomson 1894, they had the following children:

Ellen Neilson Kinvig m Alexander McCall, they had the following children:

Karen McCall

Valerie McCall

Neilson McCall

Lorna McCall

James Lauder Kinvig 10 May 19 m Shelia Jessie Smith Gordon 22 Jan 19??, they had the following children:

Malcolm Lauder Kinvig, Private data m = Marion ?? , ???? marriage date:, they had the following children:

Tracey Kinvig?

Gordon Malcom Kinvig,

Kevin James Kinvig , Private data m = Angela Louise Kneen, Private data, Worth Church, Worth, West Sussex, they had the following children: divorced private data

Frazer James Kinvig , Private data, RAF Rheindahlen, West Germany

Cameron James Kinvig , Private data . RAF Halton, Buckinghamshire

Duncan Gordon Kinvig , Private data

Sheila Louise Kinvig , Private data.



RICHARD KINVIG [Father Richard & Elizabeth (nee Moore)] Kevin's Great Grandfather Richard Kinvig:


36 Bedford Street.




Kinrig, Richard, head of household, married, age 32, occupation coachman, domestic servant; born I.O.M.

Kinrig, Alice, wife, married, age 25; born SEL, Raoltas, Scotland.


Date and place:

1877, 7 December at Ettrick Rd., Selkirk

After banns according to the forms of the Established Church of Scotland.


Richard Kinvig, occupation - coachman, domestic servant, bachelor, aged 29.

Grooms Address:

3 Randolph Lane



Grooms Father:

Richard Kinvig, occupation - coachman, domestic servant

Grooms Mother:

Elizabeth Kinvig, (Nee Moore)

Brides Address:

Alice Lauder, occupation - domestic Servant, spinster, aged 27

Brides Address:

3 Greenhill Gardens,




Brides Father:

John Lauder, occupation - forester

Brides Mother:

Jane Lauder, (Nee Glendinning)


(officiating minister): James Farquarson, Minister of Selkirk


James Scott;

Elisabeth Lauder


685/2-655 - St Andrews, Edinburgh


Details on Alison Lauder, no marriage recorded for her parents.

Entries I found for the family, all with parents John Lauder/Jane Glendinning, were:

Alison, born 26 January 1856, Selkirk.

Elizabeth, born 3 Nov. 1857, Selkirk

Mary, born 4 Nov. 1859, Selkirk

Helen, born 6 March 1862, Selkirk

William, born 31 March 1864, Selkirk (probably died soon thereafter)

William Glendining, born 31 Dec 1865, Selkirk

Margaret, born 10 March 1868, Selkirk

Helen, born 20 June 1870, Selkirk

Isabella, born 2 Sept., 1872, Caddonfoot, Selkirkshire

Charles, born 29 March 1874, Caddonfoot, Selkirkshire


Son of Richard Kinvig & Alice Lauder:

William Kinvig

Date and time of birth: 1895 May 28, 1h 30m PM

Place of birth: No. 26, Patriothall, Edinburgh

Father: Richard Kinvig, coachman

Mother: Alice Kinvig, maiden surname Lauder

Married: 1877 Dec 7th, Selkirk

Informant: Alice Kinvig, mother

District: 778-50 - Selkirk, Selkirkshire

Marriage:- 20


1841 Arbory


Richard Kinvig 25 ag lab

Elizabeth 25

Thomas 2 (19 Aug 1839)

Helen 1 ( 9 May 1841)

1851 Arbory


Richard Kinvig head married 36 ag lab b Arbory

Elizabeth wife married 36

Thomas son 11

Ellen dau 9

Elizabeth dau 8

John son 6

Richard son 4

Ann dau 1

1881 Arbory

KINVIG, Richard, Claughbane Rd, Head, Married, 66, Ag Lab, Arbory

KINVIG, Elizabeth, Claughbane Rd, Wife, Married, 65, , Arbory

KINVIG, John, Claughbane Rd, Grandson, , 10, Scholar, Douglas


Rich Cloughbane Arb 1886 No 251

1891 Arbory

Cloughbane Rd

Elizabeth Kinvig widow 75

(+) This symbol predicts information gathered by: Ray Hedberg - Private Data


From: Private Data

Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 13:47:27 -0600

To: Private Data

Subject: Additional generations of Kinvigs


I have included below the latest info we have on the Kinvig line. I received a letter from Nigel Crowe on the Isle of Man (referred to below as the 20 May 1998 letter) giving the line of "our" Kinvigs back to before 1600. Hope this is interesting to you. Isabella is my wife's great-grandmother and the daughter of William Kinvig (b. 1812) & Isabel Cannell; the brother of William is your Richard.


The Ancestors of Isabella Kinvig - 5 Jun 1998



1. Isabella Kinvig was born on 13 Feb 1843 near Castletown, Malew, Parish, Isle of Man.

FROM A LETTER by Isabella's father William Kinvig, Balltrane, Isle of Man, to his younger brother James Kinvig, Rathray Street, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand dated 29 June 1885:

" Isabella married to W. Killey farming in America -- own place about 260 acres - whole family came home for 5 years. She got better in health and returned to America a year ago last April".

This sentence shows the date they returned to the USA as April 1884. Oral history indicates that P.I. Killey accompanied his mother and he was about 3-4 years old or so during the boat trip home.

William & Isabella's son Thomas Humphrey died in the Isle of Man in Feb 1884 and daughter Elizabeth was present at the funeral.

Daughter Catherine Anne was born in 1882 which strongly suggests she was born in the Isle of Man.

Isabella's husband, William Killey , was in the Isle of Man for at least part of the time or alternatively the above letter stating that they stayed for 5 years may be overstated; if she and their children came to the Isle of Man in late 1881 or early 1882, and she was pregnant, then her husband William may have stayed behind in Illinois and tended to the farm.

According to her son George O. Killey's obituary he went to the Isle of Man when he was seven years old (that would have been 1881 or Jan 1882 at the latest; the obituary states he returned to the US when he was 14 (in 1888).

FROM A LETTER written by Isabella Killey (nee Kinvig) to her sister Anne Cowley (nee Kinvig) about 1915. --- "Miaimutta (probably Monmouth):

"December 1st

Dear sister - I write you these few lines hoping you are all well. Received your welcome letter and Christmas present. Was very glad to know that you are all alive and well in these great days of war and distress. I hope it will soon cease if it is the Lord's will. I got 2 papers you sent me - the names are nearly all strange to me now there, it is so long since we were there we have forgotten all. There are a great many wounded and killed in Castletown and all around there. We see plenty of War news in our papers, they get the news very fast out here. The weather is very fine out here - we have had but very little cold weather this winter, yet it has been fine weather all Fall. The roads have been so good to run on, we have all got in the car and taken a ride.

George is not so much to Venture as Phil. He has a lots of hogs and young cattle. J.W. my younger son runs his farm, he keeps 2 herdsmen, they are all big farmers, they are all well. Willie hasn't been very well this while, there is something wrong with his stomach. He has been taking medicine from the Doctor. I don't think it helps much. He has to be careful what he eats he has dyspepsia. I think he is a little better. Prices are very high here, they say on account of the War. Butter 40 cents a pound, eggs 40 cents a dozen, corn 90 cents a bushel, hogs 10 cents a pound live weight. Ada's man has gone to Chicago with a load 65 head. Phil is feeding 100 head of cattle and about 200 head of hogs. You see he is going really steep - if prices keep up he will make lots of money. He is great to go ahead, he has been doing well.

I think I have written you a big letter this tine, it is getting near Christmas. I think that scarf you sent is very nice, thank you ever so much. I sent you a dressy scarf, I hope you get it a11 right. I would have sent something to Sarah and Lizzie [her sisters], but it is so hard to send anything out of here now. They have to go through so much red tape owing to the War, I didn't send anything to them. It is very hard on Lizzie [her sister in the Isle of Man - not her daughter], her 2 sons in the War. I hope they will come out safe. I suppose she is getting some pay. I am glad Sarah busies herself nursing, I don't think I would like it. We have been going to Church twice nearly every Sunday. We have a Manx man for our preacher this year. His name is W. Crain, he's from the north, from Sulby. He is a good preacher, he gets over 2 thousand dollars a year. I must close, with best love to all,"

This letter was written after William and Isabella Killey had moved to the town of Monmouth at 514 West Boston Ave. Her son P.I. and his wife Alice moved to the farm in 1902.

She died on 13 Aug 1925 in Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois. She was 82 years old and had been confined to bed for 10 days with pneumonia. Her health had been poorly for some time and during the last few days hers condition had been critical. She was buried in the Old (City of) Monmouth Cemetery, Monmouth, IL. in the Killey plot. The minister of the Methodist Church, Dr. W.H. Craine, gave the services.


William Kinvig was born on 12 Apr 1812 in Balthane, Isle of Man. He was married to Isabella Cannell on 14 Dec 1840 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man.

Isabella Cannell was baptized on 15 Dec 1811 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man. The name may also have been spelled as Kneale. William Kinvig and Isabella Cannell had the following children:

i.Sarah (Mrs. Thos Clague) Kinvig was born on 11 Jul 1841 in Isle of Man. She died on 27 Jan 1925 in Isle of Man.

1 ii. Isabella Kinvig.

iii. John Kinvig was born on 5 May 1844 in Balthane, Isle of Man. His first two wives died and he married a third time.

iv. Thomas (wife Elizabeth Coppin) Kinvig was born on 18 May 1845 in Isle of Man. He died on 2 May 1897 in Isle of Man.

v. Annie (Mrs. Cowley) Kinvig was born on 21 Feb 1847 in Isle of Man.

vi. Elizabeth-Lizzie (Mrs. Corrin) Kinvig was born on 8 Jul 1849 in Isle of Man.


Richard Kinvig was baptized on 24 Apr 1781 in Isle of Man. Youngest son of John Kinvig, Ballagrevia. He was buried on 27 Dec 1849 in Castletown, Isle of Man. (Richard did not inherit his fathers land at Ballgrenia since Richard was not the eldest son. The land went to his older brother John who was an ancestor of Dr. Geradine Hampton who provided information on the early Kinvigs to Nigel Crowe.)

Richard Kinvig was married to Eleanor Coole on 15 Mar 1806 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man. Eleanor Coole was born on 27 Jul 1778 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man. (An alternative spelling is "Cooil". She appeared on the census in 1851 in Castletown, Isle of Man. residing with her daughter Eleanor Clague at 11 Arbory Street. Eleanor Sr.'s age was listed as 74 indicating birth about 1777. She died after 1851 in Castletown, Isle of Man. Her name is spelled Elinor Coole in the handwritten pedigree chart sent by Nigel Crowe.)

Richard Kinvig and Eleanor Coole had the following children:

Thomas (wife Margaret Karran) Kinvig was baptized on 16 Mar 1806 in Colby, Isle of Man.

ii. John (wife Elizabeth Croaghan) Kinvig was baptized on 1 Jan 1808 in Ballathenny. (Auntie Nell wrote to a grandson of John Kinvig in 1939 that his grandfather John Kinvig died in 1928 at the age of 79. It seems she was mistaken and the John Kinvig who died in 1928 was likely the son of this John Kinvig ??)

iii. Eleanor Elizabeth (Mrs. Henry Wilson) Kinvig was baptized on 14 Jan 1810.

2 iv. William Kinvig.

v. Richard (wife Elizabeth Moore) Kinvig was baptized on 21 Aug 1814 in Colby, Isle of Man. - This is your Richard Kinvig

vi. Margaret - Peggy (Mrs. Henry Welch) Kinvig was baptized on 14 Jun 1818.

vii. Betsey (Mrs. John Gleave) Kinvig. (They went to Victoria, Australia with James Kinvig, her brother, about 1852 or a little earlier and were all gold mining until 1863 - the Gleaves had no family and both died in Melbourne.)

viii. James (wife Isabella Lorimer McCubbin) Kinvig was baptized on 14 Jun 1824 in Castletown, Isle of Man. (He died in Oct 1899. Was in Liverpool in 1846/7; married wife in Melbourne, Australia 14 May 1855; emigrated to New Zealand (Rathray in 1870). Had a daughter named "Auntie Nell")

John Cannell was born about 1783. He was a farm worker in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man.

Isabella Bridson was born on 27 Dec 1778 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man. The Kinvigs were living with the Cannells in the 1841 census, Isle of Man. John Cannell and Isabella Bridson had the following children:

i. Isabella Cannell.


John Kinvig was baptized on 14 Feb 1731 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man. He died on 12 Jul 1801 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man. John & his 2nd wife Elinor and their daughter Elizabeth perished in the ruins of their house on 12 July 1801. He was buried on 14 Jul 1801 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man. He was born in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man.

John Kinvig was married to Elinor Corrin (2) on 10 Feb 1770. Elinor Corrin (2) died on 12 Jul 1801. She was buried on 14 Jul 1801 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man. John & Elinor and their daughter Elizabeth perished in the ruins of their house on 12 July.

John Kinvig and Elinor Corrin (2) had the following children:

i. Richard Kinvig.

ii. Elizabeth Kinvig died on 12 Jul 1801 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man.

Thos. Coole died in 1797 in Ballacoole, Earystane, Isle of Man. He left a will (Episcopal Vol 2 1797) mentioning his 5 daughters. At the land Court (Liber Vast October 1797) his son John was entered as heir to the land (Ballacoole, at Earystane) that Thomas "had been settled on" when he married his first wife Catherine Taubman in 1751. Since land was always inherited by the oldest son there was no need for him to be mentioned in the will. It is not known which of his children came from the first marriage.

He was married to Elinor (2).

Elinor (2). Thos. Coole and Elinor (2) had the following children:

i. Catherine (Mrs. Richard Harrison) Coole.

ii. Isabel (married Costain) Coole.

iii. Jane (Married Cowley) Coole.

iv. Elizabeth Coole.

5 v. Eleanor Coole.

vi. John Coole.

William Bridson. He was married to Alice Cain on 13 Jun 1773 in Malew Parish, Isle of Man.

Alice Cain. William Bridson and Alice Cain had the following children.

i. Isabella Bridson.


John Kinvig was born in 1711 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man. He died in 1781 in Ramsey, Maughold Parish, Isle of Man.

John Kinvig was married to Joney Corrin (1) on 27 Aug 1730 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man.

Joney Corrin (1). John Kinvig and Joney Corrin (1) had the following children:

i. John Kinvig. ii. 8 Additional Children Kinvig.


William Kinvig died in 1712 in at sea. He was married to Catherine Costain in 1711.

Catherine Costain. William Kinvig and Catherine Costain had the following children

:i.John Kinvig.


John Kinvig was baptized on 4 Sep 1665 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man. He died in 1724. He was born in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man.

John Kinvig was married to Alice Quayle in 1685 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man.

Alice Quayle. John Kinvig and Alice Quayle had the following children:

i.William Kinvig.


John Kinvig died in 1696 in Arbory Parish, Isle of Man. He was married to Elizabeth (Bessie) Cubbon in 1663 in Ballagrenia (Ballagreyney), Arbory Parish, Isle of Man. (In 1663 the Kinvig family came into possesion of Ballagrenia (Ballagreyney) in Arbory through the marriage to Elizabeth Cubbon.)

Elizabeth (Bessie) Cubbon. John Kinvig and Elizabeth (Bessie) Cubbon had the following children:

i.John Kinvig.


William Kinvig.

The source of the name William as the father of John is from an article which appears to be published in the Isle of Man Family History Society Journal pages 99-106 (date unknown); the article is entitled "Some Kinvigs of Arbory & Castletown" and was written by Geraldine Hampton, Onchan, Isle of Man.. According to the letter from Nigel Crowe on 20 May 1998, the Kinvig family was in the parish of Arbory from at least 1511 however the name at that time was Begson (another verion was Mac John Beg). The rents paid in 1511 show William Begson, Robert Begson, Patrick John Begson Henry Begson and Patrick Begson. This appears to be a form of the patronymic naming system where last names are formed from the fathers name with "son" added; thus signifying that the above are sons of Beg. The scotch form of patronymics prefixes the father's name with Mac hence Mac Beg or Mac John Beg (son of John Begson).

William Kinvig had the following children:

i.John Kinvig.

Christian Cross. Christian Cross had the following children:

Elizabeth (Bessie) Cubbon.

John m Elizabeth Cubbon

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